February 21, 2013

Whew what a week

Not only did I get this year's cold which turned into an annoying "post viral" cough, I've been working like mad at work because we got a new internet line put in. This means lots of reconfiguration of various things and many late nights working on stuff so it doesn't cause problems during the day.   

There has been much hair tearing as I tried to figure out how to set up reverse DNS for this line (not sure why the provider isn't doing it, but so it is).  Finally got that one cracked after lots of reading along with trial and error (mostly error).  Once that was done, there were a number of other things that had to follow, but that was the prime stumbling block.  Glad it's figured out.

This means I haven't had time to take any pictures which is rather annoying.  But this weekend I hope to remedy the situation. 

It's time for the "Grand Midwest Tour".  Right now it looks as if the snow will be staying south (which works in my favor).  I will be headed to Chicago for a couple of nights to hang out with the kids.  Celebrating that my son got his official notice he graduated Summa Cum Laude, which is very cool. 

Then off to my friend Richmond's place for the Academy Awards party - always a fantastic time.

Then down to St. Louis for a couple of days to see my mom and sister before heading back home. 

It will be non-stop fun and games.  I'm just hoping the travel gods are in a good mood.  We'll see.

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