September 18, 2006

Wrap Up of Trial Number 1

I first blogged about this the other day. The trial of the century? It should be.

Richard Landes of Augean Stables has posted a review of the first trial date. There seems to be much that he found encouraging especially the court appointed official who is supposed to represent the French people at large.

Then came Madame le Procureur de la République. A screen writer could not have written a better speech. All the best tropes of civil society — honesty, accountability, fairness, transparency, context… the dangerous powers of an uncriticized quatrième état (fourth estate)… the right of the public to know, and therefore the responsibility of France2 to show the tapes of their cameraman Talal abu Rahmeh… the fact that what Phillipe had said was in fact defamation of Charles Enderlin’s reputation as a journalist, but that the evidence more than supported such an accusation… that this was not the typical case of libel, where the person slings unconsidered insults at another, but a carefully studied and considered criticism… that any sharp language was more than justified in the context of a case where one wants to attract attention… that it was not malice to want que Charles Enderlin tombe [that Charles Enderlin should fall].

There is far more - go read the rest of the post, hit the links if you are so inclined. But it's nice to know that not everyone in France is ready to roll over on their right to have a reliable press!

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1 Wow, I hadn't heard a thing about this case until now. It's too bad our illustrious news media couldn't find enough time to get the story out there, instead of reporting ad nauseum about non-killer John Mark Karr and doing fluff pieces about Brangelina.

Posted by: NE at September 20, 2006 04:02 AM (DP5IG)

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